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Welcome to HAPTRANS. With it website, we would like to acquaint you with the scope, range, diversity and quality of our service designed to meet your specific supply chain management requirement. For many years, we have been offering services to all kinds of clients from manufacturers to chain stores, and especially offering services to chain businesses with delivery system of multi-point stocking and distribution. We also have focused on developing business in the high tech and logistics markets. Because of our experience and constant focus in the logistics market for decades, we have successfully established a super global network that connects over 1000 locations and covers more than 140 countries. We have facilities in key distribution hubs at North American west & east bank, Asia, Europe, etc and are the one that has the most extensive network in the world. With such well-built and always-expanding capability, we have transformed into one of the most well-know international brands in the market that provides an unparalleled range of quality services to our customers worldwide.
We have the ability to serve you with tailor-made services supported by our fully integrated electronic global operational system.
We welcome your enquiries and look forward to handling your goods safely and efficiently.

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